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If you are interested in volunteering with Dry Bones, plan to attend one of our Dry Bones 101 training sessions. All volunteers are required to attend Dry Bones 101. Here, each volunteer receives training, orientation, and detailed information about the Dry Bones organization. Dry Bones 101 volunteer training is held quarterly on a Saturday. (Please check with the Dry Bones 101 page to see if there is currently a date scheduled.)

Dry Bones’ liability insurance requires that all volunteers attend training, complete an application, a background check, and provide references (all details will be shared at Dry Bones 101).  

Our valuable team of volunteers is invited into many areas of service throughout the week depending on the current needs of Dry Bones.

We also have many other volunteer needs such as office work, cleaning and organizing, special events, donation drives, and more. Many of these volunteer needs do not require prior attendance at Dry Bones 101.  Check out THIS PAGE for more ideas of how you might get involved.