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Snow DayAs I look out the window today, I see only white. The snow darts through downtown buildings like piercing needles. My mind and my concern is with my friends who live out in this powdered sugar whiteout of a mess. This is Colorado, and so we know – sunshine will return.

Much like the changing seasons, the past year at Dry Bones has been metaphorically filled with days of overwhelming sunshine as well a few unrelenting storms.

Today, we continue to be filled with hope in light of all that 2014 has held.

In 2014:

  • We welcomed two new staff members. Jordan Siebold joined our street outreach team and began serving as our lead Elevations guide in January. Annie Dimond became our “Resource Navigator” in August. Both of these new staff members have powerfully increased Dry Bones’ impact across Denver’s homeless youth population. Both bring passion, fresh ideas, unique skills, and have quickly been adopted into the Dry Bones family.
  • We hosted 12 interns and 120 short-term visiting volunteers throughout the year. Over 100 volunteers served on a regular  basis.
  • Hundreds were fed, clothed, and looked in the eye.
  • Those with and without homes united; many of our lives were changed and our relationships with God strengthened.
  • Friends relapsed, returned to prison, failed out of programs, had children removed from their custody, and struggled with mental illness.
  • Other street-connected friends conquered addictions, found jobs, grew spiritually, served others, became amazing parents, and many ultimately left street life and old ways behind.
  • We committed alongside our partners at Providence Network to open a transition home for homeless youth and young adults by early 2016.
  • We strengthened our job training efforts with Purple Door Coffee as the program continued to thrive with outstanding success.
  • We built a vision for 2015 that will increase our impact spiritually and our ability to partner with local resources. This will enable more friends to experience life-changing, long-term success off the streets and enter into greater supportive communities.

As 2014 comes to a close, many of you are organizing your end-of-year giving plans. Dry Bones would certainly appreciate your support. We are currently seeking to raise $44,000 by the end of 2014 as we fulfill our operating budget and prepare for the success of our 2015 vision.

Thank you for your partnership and support over the course of this past year. We are inspired more than ever, especially on cold snowy days like today, to increase hope and lay out roads of new opportunity – off of the streets – for the hundreds of Dry Bones’ friends out there. As Dry Bones continues and expands its vision for this unique ministry among Denver’s homeless youth population, we thank you for your ongoing thoughts, prayers, and involvement.

With Sincere Gratitude,
The Dry Bones Staff and Board of Directors

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