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Denver’s Homeless Youth and Young Adults

According to Homelessness in the Denver Metropolitan Area 2013 Point in Time Study, 921 single respondent youth and young adults (between the ages of 12 and 24) were counted. Dry Bones is a ministry among this specific group of young people. Our friends typically live on their own, are not staying with moms or dads, and sleep wherever shelter can be found for the night.

There are many reasons for homelessness among youth. Abuse or neglect often lead to desperate situations. Young people sometimes find that they can do a “better job” raising themselves than anyone else has. Some find themselves graduating from foster care not knowing where to turn next. Other youth are driven onto the streets by addictions. Mental illness is sometimes a part of the equation, but not always. A couple of our friends have chosen homelessness and traveling the USA as a lifestyle.

This group of self proclaimed “street kids” range in age from the early teen years on into the mid-twenties. Our services are geared towards and evolve around this population’s needs. Dry Bones finds great hope for this group of young homeless youth. These kids have certainly not given up on life and they often maintain a level of optimism for their future.

As we love and live life among these young people, we hope that you will want to join in as well. So many pass by our friends without even a smile to give away. Each day these young people begin to believe more and more that they are, as they refer to themselves, “throw-a-ways” and “outcasts” of society. Join in as we remind our friends on the streets of their unsurpassable worth and promising future. Support Dry Bones spiritually, financially, and/or plan to attend Dry Bones 101 training and volunteer with us.

Your life will be equally blessed and served by your new friends. Dry Bones is focused on creating genuine relationships between people of many backgrounds and personalities. We always avoid taking an “us versus them” attitude. All Dry Bones activities are a two-way street where everyone is challenged to see the world differently and grow in positive directions together.

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