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In the context of long-term relationships, practicing the way of Jesus, we meet spiritual, emotional, and physical needs of houseless and street-connected youth and young adults.  We seek to equip and inspire all involved to relieve suffering, facilitate reconciliation, and free the heart to love.

We accomplish this mission through three main areas of focus.  Each part applies to everyone involved in the Dry Bones community.  

We are freely extended beyond our familiar boundaries in order to form relationships that reveal the God-given unsurpassable worth of all involved.  We hope to create intersections where people from different walks of life cross paths who would not normally meet; here, everyone belongs. (read more on Reach)

Within the context of relationships, hope, love, opportunity, and beauty are revealed.  Everyone’s faith grows.  We all get “saved” in exciting and unexpected ways. (read more on Rescue)

The natural response in a rescued life will be the reconciliation of torn and broken aspects of life.  As rescue takes place, many will discover new beginnings, experience deeper faith, conquer addictions, reunite with family, and actively experience the beautiful Kingdom of God.