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New Dry Bones Headquarters

Friends, Family, and Support Team,

I’m writing today to ask specifically for your help. We need it. As we look to the future, we are sharing a vision around housing, rehab, and employment that enables us to have an even deeper impact among this unique population on the streets of Denver. A profound community has developed and countless lives have been changed. Still, there is more work to be done and love to be shared. Our population is growing, and so are we.

We have now entered into the lease of a space that will serve as our new headquarters. This new location is at 1600 Downing St in downtown Denver. We will be renting almost the entire 4th floor of the Mountain View Non-Profit Tower. This move supports the growth vision of Dry Bones and the realities of the growing homeless youth population in Denver. We are extremely excited about this big step and new stage of growth. We can’t wait to show you our new home.

Here is where we need your help. You can read all the specifics about the new space further down this page. First, let me share the financial details. We will be required to make tenant improvements to the space according to our needs and at our expense (plus a landlord allowance). The entire construction project and necessary furnishings will cost $100,000. Additionally, our annual budget will increase by $19,200 for the new rise in rent. The landlord (Urban Land Conservancy) has provided $33,000 towards the construction costs. In addition, a few generous supporting churches of Dry Bones have committed $25,000 and another anonymous family has given a substantial gift. Therefore, $73,000 has now been committed to the overall need. As of December 1, we are seeking to raise the final $27,000. (We have delayed the construction of the shower and laundry room until the final funds are in place.)

The construction has included: offices, a kitchen, flooring, paint, relocating HVAC and lighting, storage closets and cabinetry for supplies, a kitchen area, a large group gathering space/”living room”, and some new furnishings (washer/dryer, fridge, couches, tables, chairs, large farm dining table, hopefully a pool table, TV, and more.)

The new DB Headquarters will enable Dry Bones the space to continue growing in many exciting ways. There will be ample office space for a growing staff, new opportunities for volunteers, and a much warmer and welcoming environment for our friends connected to the street life. This will be the hub of much life-change. From those in our job-training program, to those living in our transformation home, to those sleeping in the gutters and under bridges tonight, the DB Home-base will be the nucleus to it all.

Thank you for being a part of this time in the Dry Bones story. God has blessed Dry Bones in so many ways through the years. We continue to seek and follow God’s lead. As we turn 15, we feel a bit like we’re moving from Junior High into High School. Growing up is fun, but filled with challenges, unknown possibilities, and a bit more responsibility. Don’t worry; we haven’t lost our sense of adventure, innovation, or raw street-level ministry. We never will. We’re simply experiencing much change and growth. It’s a good thing! We’re ever-compelled by the needs, and so it’s time to go Big(ger). We’re ready for this. And the kids on the streets are too.

Will you consider giving a one-time gift towards the specific needs of our growing budget, services, and these special construction costs and/or increasing a monthly recurring donation to Dry Bones? Please let me know if you have any questions at all.  

We are extremely grateful,

Matt Wallace
Executive Director, Dry Bones Denver
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Important facts about our new headquarters:

  • The building at 1600 Downing is owned by the non-profit Urban Land Conservancy (ULC) and is known as the Mountain View Non-profit Tower. This 7-story building houses only non-profit organizations. Our friends will be warmly welcomed into this building without feeling “out of place”.
  • Rent is offered by the ULC to non-profits at minimum 20% below market rates. Our monthly rent is increasing, but not by nearly as much as we had originally forecasted. Considering current Denver markets, we’ve got an excellent deal!
  • We will increase our available square footage to 3300 ft2 (from the previous 1900 ft2).
  • Location is a 15-minute walk from the 16th Street Mall. This allows easy access to those living on the streets while balancing a safe distance from downtown for those exiting and seeking to avoid the heart of street life. Perfect.
  • Neighbors directly surrounding the building include many of our long-time partner ministries and organizations (Open Door Ministries, Streets to Life, Denver Community Church, Providence Network’s Joy House, Network Coffeehouse, Denver Metro Caring Food Bank, and others.)
  • The space is currently an “empty box.” We are able to build out the space so that it will feel very home-like, warm, and welcoming – a task otherwise difficult to accomplish in an office building.
  • We have signed a 5-year lease that includes two additional 5-year options. So, this could be Dry Bones’ home for many years to come.

The new Dry Bones Headquarters will enable us to provide new services and opportunities such as:

  • A quiet and private counseling and therapy room as well as private office space for staff (4 total offices – one of which is a large community work-space).
  • A large “Living Room” for Group sessions (addiction recovery groups, bible study, contemplative gatherings, group therapy, art classes, meditation, volunteer trainings, board meetings, homeless youth advisory groups, life-skills classes, and much more)
  • Possibly an innovative weekly small church gathering
  • Greater storage options for interview-ready clothing closet, food pantry, survival/camping supplies, etc. We are building 3 large storage closets and a wall of storage cabinets!
  • Job readiness computer lab
  • Tutoring stations
  • Art studio and supplies

Please contact me if you have any more questions. 

Click Here to Donate! (Please include a note that your gift is for the building fund. Thanks!)