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Building the Dry Bones Inner Sense of “Home”

November 10, 2015 | By | One Comment

Being at home is not the same as being in a house. However, the brick and mortar structure provides spaces that represent different parts of being at “home.” If we think about Dry Bones as if it were a house and the rooms of the house for their different uses and functions, we can lay out the work of Dry Bones like we lay out the rooms of the house.

 With each “room,” you’ll see the important qualities that each provides, as well as the practical elements of our work at Dry Bones that fit into each of these “rooms.”

Belonging, Connecting, Security, Among Others that Care, Family, Love
– Relationship Building/ “Us” Environments / Intersections (housed and houseless meet & all lives are enriched)
– Celebrations – birthdays, baby & wedding showers
– The Dry Bones Offices downtown
– Weekly Bible study
– Wednesday Coffee/Ice Cream Weekly Gathering at Union Station
– Daily Street Outreach
– Speaking Engagements/Education (churches, schools, business groups, city organizations, etc)

Sharing our Story, Among Family, Warmth of Home, A Full Stomach
– Monday Night Family Meal (a home-cooked meal each week for a small group of 15)
– Thursday Night Large Meal (home-cooked meal for 70-150 people each week)
– Wednesday home-cooked lunch and bible study gathering (approx. 15)
– Friday and Saturday picnics in the park (approx.100 meals per day in summer)
– DB Food Pantry
– Cooking and grocery shopping coaching
– Nutrition Counseling/Therapy

Feeling at Peace, Clean, Confidence
– A Private Restroom (you belong & won’t be kicked out because you’re not a customer)
– Showers
– Laundry

Cared For, Provisions, Warmth, Comfort
– Medical/First Aid supplies
– Hygiene Products, Coats, Shoes, Socks and
– Underwear, Backpacks
– Job Interview Clothes
– New Apartment Starter Kits

Security of Future, Dreaming, Setting Goals, Connected to the World
– Monthly Legal Aid Clinic
– Help with Resumes, Job Applications, Interview Preparation
– Resource Navigation (Connecting to partner organizations and navigating difficult systems of help)
– Computer Lab

Adventuring, Sharing Life as a Family, Freedom
– Thursday Night Large Gathering (bowling, gymnasium “Recess” Night, etc)
– Hiking, Camping, Mountain Climbing, Backpacking, Ski Trips
– Elevations Summer Youth Program
– Rockies, Nuggets Games, Denver Performing Arts Shows, etc

Rest, Security, Safety, Breathing Deeply
– Building the Providence-Dry Bones Transformation Home on Broadway
– Supplies, sleeping bags, blankets, tarps, tents, & sleeping pads
– Housing Search Assistance (emergency and permanent)

Let’s Go Together! You Are Not Alone, Connecting to Resources for Life-Change
– Purple Door Coffee / Job training program
– Doctors visits – general, eye, dental, hospital visitation
– Resource Navigation – Sitting together in waiting rooms, filling out complicated paperwork
– Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation Referrals
– Mental Health Referrals
– Obtaining vital records, IDs, birth certificates
– Eyeglasses Assistance
– Mission trips and service together
– Education – Returning to School, GED, college, tutoring

Long-lasting Protection for the Entire Home, Mental Health, Security, Wholeness
– Professional Counseling/Therapy Sessions Life-Coaching, Therapy, & Outreach Therapy with Joyce Garrett
– Spiritual Support – prayer, pastoral counseling, & blessings
– Weddings & Funerals
– Life Transformation (Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation, Mental Health Assistance, Spiritual Direction)

– Practicing the Ways of Jesus
– Love & Belonging
– Acceptance and Inclusion
– Safety and Security
– Consistency


  1. Heather

    This is fantastic! Such a helpful, visual expression of the ministry and work being done. As I spend time in the various spaces of my home, I will be praying for the needs connected with each room.

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