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October 8, 2014 | By | No Comments

It was well after dark on a cool November downtown Denver night. I’ll never forget the time my wife, Nikki, and I spent walking along 16th Street with our new friends, “Mistika” and “Pockets”. We spent the next hour talking about life, laughing together, and panhandling for leftovers – a first for me.

We eventually scored some stale fries and a half-eaten hamburger from someone leaving the Cheesecake Factory. We sat down on a curb and passed the styrofoam container around. I remember the preliminary germophobia, the thrill of new friendship budding over a makeshift meal, and our hearts swelling as this mismatched bunch began to matter to each other. This intersection would lead to a thousand new stories of life and friendship among the four of us. I would never again forget the power of sharing food with unlikely dinner guests.

Dry Bones has job training programs, resource navigation help, counselors, access to psychiatrists, and much more. But the power of these simple initial relationship-building intersections is where everything begins.

We see incredible things begin to happen when people from different walks of life cross paths. Many times, these unlikely intersections are intentionally created. Other times, they happen on a street curb over stale fries. All of our lives are blessed and changed when these friendships ignite. Simple encounters lead to longterm and intense involvement in each others lives. We all change for the better. It can be truly miraculous.

Thank you for believing in and supporting the work of Dry Bones.

– Matt

On October 17th, we will be celebrating the power of unlikely intersections as we experience a few new ones together. I hope that you’ll join us!


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