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The Dry Bones Silver Coin

April 1, 2013 | By | No Comments

This past December, we celebrated Christmas by sharing specially designed Dry Bones silver coins with our friends on the streets.

This gift was designed to speak a message of value, worth, and hope for the future.

Many of you heard about these coins and requested to have one for yourself or some to share with your loved ones.  Therefore, we now have a limited number of additional coins and are offering them to you here in an effort to raise some much needed funds!  

The coins are 1/2 ounce of .999 fine silver.  Their actual value goes up and down with the silver market.

These coins make excellent:

  • Keepsakes for you or your kids
  • Gifts to signify an honorary gift in someone’s name.  (Make a donation to Dry Bones in honor of someone’s birthday, graduation, Christmas, or other purpose.  Then, give them the coin to represent the gift made in their name.)
  • Reminders of “Unsurpassable Worth” and value.  Keep it in your pocket and pull it out to remind yourself whenever you need

(see larger image)

At Christmas time, we shared the following with our friends on the streets.  No doubt, this message is applicable for any of us – whether we’re housed or houseless:

Here’s what we want you to know!

1.  We believe that you have incredible, undeniable, unsurpassable WORTH & VALUE.  Some days, it’s hard for any of us to believe that about ourselves.  Today, and hopefully throughout the year, we want to remind you that you have UNSURPASSABLE WORTH.

2.  This coin gift is made of .999 solid silver.  IT HAS A LOT OF VALUE!  As the years go on, this coin will likely only go up and up in value.  Silver prices go up and down daily.  You can check the price of silver at any time by looking at  Fun to watch, but don’t sell your coin just because the price drops one month.  It will come back up.

3.  In the future, you may decide that it’s a good time to sell this coin to a gold buyer or jeweler.  Imagine the possibiliites of future choices:

  • You decide to go to college and you need textbooks
  • You have found the love of your life and want to purchase a wedding ring
  • You choose to start a college fund for your newborn baby
  • You pass this valuable coin on to your grandchild to treaure as a valuable heirloom

4.  Finally, know that the Dry Bones family sees incredible hope in your future.  Please let this coin remind you of your unsurpassable worth and the hope for an exciting future that we see in you.  EVERY TIME YOU TOUCH IT IN YOUR POCKET OR HOLD IT IN YOUR HAND, KNOW THAT WE LOVE YOU!  More importantly, remember that you are loved and held by God – who gives us all worth and value in the first place.


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