My First Dry Bones Fundraiser Event

A Couple of Reflections from the Night
by Tim Henderson – board member since January, 2013

I’m a new Dry Bones board member, and I had never been to a Dry Bones fundraiser. I was finally able to attend this year! Here are a few reflections:

The venue was great and the food was fun. The planning was evident. The auction was enjoyable and effective.

But what I am taking away is the importance of story. The story of individuals who are discovering hope. The story of  people sharing the grace that they know. The story of so many different people realizing that they are not so different. The joy of living in God’s story.

The story of the ongoing redemption of us all.

I hope you’ll join us October of 2014! I promise. It’s worth it.


In case you missed it, here’s a video that was shown at the event: