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Life Explodes.

March 18, 2013 | By | No Comments

A Brief Reflection from a Dry Bones Board Member
by Tim Schweikhard

The warmth of a loving home is a privilege most of us have in common and many take for granted.  In fact it’s hard to imagine not having it.  When I am spending time on the streets with my friends in Denver, I see a determination to have that warmth and pleasure no matter the circumstances. I witness acceptance, sharing, joy, companionship, security, and recognition.  Of course I also see heartache, misunderstanding, disappointment, quarreling, and pouting.  But when I think about it, the combination of these elements are a major part of family life anywhere.

Over the years of mingling with and observing what God is doing through Dry Bones Denver, I have come to see what happens when unbounded love, light, and salt is shared among our friends.  Life explodes.  The miracle is not so much in the physical: housing, medical care, adequate food, and hygiene.  It’s the light of life that shines from eyes, glows in often-toothless smiles, and rises like a sweet perfume.  God is showing me Himself as I gaze on the faces of His friends living on the streets of Denver.

The truly miraculous thing that’s happened to me is that I can now see the Father more clearly on the streets in my town (Tulsa).  The most common words I hear from folks visiting Denver and spending time with Dry Bones are, “My life will never be the same.”  I can’t imagine anything more impactful than a ministry that changes the lives of everyone who touches or is touched by it.  I know I’ve been touched in ways beyond imagination and am determined to stay close to this “thing” that reveals the Master of all things to me so personally.

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