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Summer Intern Reflection Week (Day 2)

August 21, 2013 | By | 5 Comments

Discovering Deeper Beauty
by Kelsey Bugelwicz, York College

This summer, I intentionally made an effort to acknowledge the worth of every individual that God has created and placed on this earth, and subsequently, in my path. Because of that, I’m taking home new relationships with many amazing and beautiful people.

I feel blessed that I was able to listen, laugh, learn, love, and be loved by my new friends that live on the streets of Denver. At the same time, I am disheartened because I know that these new friends are so often ignored by the world.

After getting to know and forming loving relationships with these guys, I cannot imagine why someone would not want to love and view them as they truly are – filled with worth and infinite value. From now on, I plan to see and show worth and value to every person that crosses my path. I hope to be more intentional about expressing to others the love that God has for all of His people. I feel truly blessed to have been given this experience and I cannot wait to continue to live out this change of heart.

I now realize more than ever just how beautiful each person and the story they hold actually are. I can’t wait to keep discovering more and more of God’s beautifully created people.


  1. Hatter

    She will never fully wash off one of cheetos hugs, there is a lot of psychological damage from that.

    • Matt Wallace

      Ha ha ha, Hatter! I’ll tell Cheeto you said that.
      But don’t lie – you can’t deny that you love a Cheeto hug as much as anyone else!
      Hope you’re doing well! We miss you.

  2. cheeto

    yea everyone one loves me

  3. Kim

    Beautifully said my dear. I am so proud of the amazing woman you are. God bless. Mom

  4. Busy with work and school, plus being president of network security just moved out passed e-470 and 1-70 with Sam and everyone. Unfortunately I have class on Thursdays so I don’t get to visit you guys. Hows everyone doing nowadays??

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