Introducing, Annie Dimond – Resource Navigator

Annie returns to Dry Bones August 20, 2014. She interned with us during the summer of 2009. Annie is tender, full of compassion, flexible, wise, a seeker, a learner, and a humble friend. We are above and beyond excited and blessed that we get to have her on our team!

Annie is a graduate of Taylor University (B.A. Philosophy, 2011) and Creighton University (M.A. Composition and Rhetoric, 2013). While at Creighton, she directed and co-designed the Cortina Community. We have no doubt that Annie gained innumerable skills while working with several hundred college students throughout the past several years.

She is also a trained and certified Enneagram consultant and curriculum developer. We are excited to see how this specific skill will impact many of our friends’ lives; particularly our friends in prison and those discovering themselves as they exit street life. 

Annie’s title with Dry Bones is Resource Navigator.

Navigating the complex waters of various services, application processes, program qualifications and requirements is daunting! It will be a challenge for Annie, as it is for the hundreds of our friends living on the streets. Annie plans to take the “power” of all that she is, all of the education and life experience, and place it underneath others in a unique way. 

Her goal will be to become an expert in available services and offerings throughout the city. She will then take that knowledge and become a Denver resource-google-wiki-guru. She will meet one-on-one daily with young people seeking to exit street life and begin referring and navigating the waters alongside them. She will also continue working to strengthen our community partnerships.

This is an important job, and we have no doubt that Annie is the perfect person for it!

If you are interested in supporting Annie’s role financially, we are currently in the process of raising funds to pay her salary. Please visit the Support Annie Page, here.

(Susan Zimmerhackel has served in the role of “Resource Specialist” for almost 10 years now. Her relationships with dozens of young women have grown incredibly deep and now require most of her time. As she remains a crucial team member on the Dry Bones staff, her time will now be devoted completely to these life-changing relationships with women exiting street life.)